Industry Insider: Spot UV Coating


UV coating is a popular coating technique due to its multifaceted ability to act as a protective seal, enhance color, and add a decorative finish. Additionally, its high quality look, versatility, and affordability make it an extremely appealing application. For those looking to add a bit of creativity to their print materials, a variation of UV coating called Spot UV can achieve this without the use of costly specialty techniques (foil stamping, embossing, etc.), which are more commonly used to create ornate printed materials.

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We’re Hiring! Specialty Printing Coordinator


VPM is Manhattan’s 24/7 digital & specialty printer. We are currently experiencing explosive growth and are seeking a talented and experienced Specialty Printing Coordinator to join our in-house team. This is a unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and experience while working on a variety of custom print projects for our clientele.

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Industry Insider: Enhance Your Print Design With Foil Stamping

vpm village print foil stamping

If you’re looking to make a bold move on your next print project, foil stamping is the perfect way to create a striking design that is both professional and creative. Foil stamping is a popular finishing process that is used to enhance a printed piece and can be utilized as a stylish treatment on almost any design. The uses range from applying pigment or metallic foil to paper where a heated die is literally stamped into the foil. The variety of color and finish is vast, ranging from opaque pigment to metallic foils to patterns. Even three-dimensional effects can be achieved, through a technique called embossing.

Why try foil stamping on your next design project?

  • Preserves color due to the opaque nature of the foil
  • Allows light colors and metallics to pop on dark colored paper
  • Leaves a bold impression
  • Creates an embellishment that can be both simple and lavish in either a fun or elegant way

What projects are best for foil stamping?

  • Gift bags
  • Business cards
  • Marketing collateral
  • Invitations
  • Book covers
  • Holiday cards

Saddle Stitch Binding: 4 Types Of Projects To Use This Process On

Saddle stitch binding is popular in the printing industry. It refers to a book binding method where folded sheets are bound together by stapling through the folded lines with wire staples. The staples are clenched between the center pages; while two staples are typical, larger books may require more support along the spine. Some common projects that are saddle stitched are newsletters, pamphlets, calendars, and event programs.

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Why Soft Touch Lamination Materials Will Get Your Clients Talking

by Gaybriel Stubbs

Your product is just as important as your name. All of your marketing collateral should be high-quality, professional, and memorable to the touch. If you’re looking to rebrand or refresh your material, consider opting to print everything with soft touch lamination. This popular finish is the ultimate go-to when looking to increase engagement with both existing and potential clients. Your products will not only look good, but also feel good too! Now, that’s something to talk about.

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