Specialty Print: 5 Of The Most Popular Techniques of 2017

Every day, we receive inquires from clients about different specialty treatments they’ve seen on various marketing pieces and want to use on  their own collateral. Usually, they have an idea of what it looks like but are unfamiliar with the correct term of the treatment, how it works, or what the cost is. More likely than not, these clients have come face to face with one of the following specialty processes: deboss, emboss, die-cut, foil stamp, or painted edges. To ease the frustration of the unknown, we’ve listed visuals and information on the 5 most popular specialty treatments requested for various marketing and event materials today.

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3 Ways To Optimize Your Company’s Mobile Website Usability

by Christine Scott

Recently, we walked you through 7 essential design features all great business websites must have. Today, we want to go a little more in-depth on a key component— mobile website usability. One extremely important factor that contributes to your search engine ranking is website usability. Creating a a website that is easy to use in various fromats is crucial to the look and feel of a brand and its revenue stream. The usability of a company’s mobile site is equally or more important than its desktop counterpart. Smart Insights posted a study in Mobile Marketing Statistics Compilation, stating that, as of 2015, 51% of internet usage is done through mobile devices compared to 42% on desktops/laptops. As it’s already 2017, you can imagine that number has only increased. Therefore, you’re going to want to know the best posslbe way to optimize your company’s mobile website usability so that you can create a seamless experience for your customer. Below, we’ve put together 3 ways to make your website user-friendly.

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Intern Talk: VPM’s Media/Marketing Intern Dishes On Her Experience, Snapchat vs. Instagram, And Other Useful Info For Wannabe Interns

Meet Christine Scott: a Google Analytics enthusiast, Instagram addict,  soon-to-be graduate of Baruch college with a major in Corporate Communications, and VPM’s Media/Marketing intern. As our Spring 2017 internship program comes to a close, we sat down with Christine to gain some insight on her experience, and learn more about this spunky, inquisitive millennial on the verge of entering the real world. Interview disclaimer: insightful questions up top, playful interrogation towards the bottom.

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Label Templates, Because Sharing Is Caring [Free Download]

If you haven’t noticed from our other posts, we LOVE anything that helps us to be better organized. Therefore, it was only the natural order for our next free download would be label templates. No need for an introduction, you can never have enough labels to sort out everything in your office, from file cabinets to binders to your lunch tubberware (because when someone mistakenly eats your hummus or uses all of your milk, we know exactly how that goes over).

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Marketing Intern 101: The Differences Between Personal And Business Social Media Use

by Christine Scott and Brianne French-Sorgini

As our spring internship program quickly comes to end, VPM’s marketing intern, Christine Scott, talks to us about the difference between using social media platforms for business and pleasure, and what she’s learned about how to utilize each platform differently and effectively as a marketing tool.

Check it out below!

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4 #GirlBoss Stories All Women Should Listen/Read/Watch For Inspiration

A very intelligent man, one of the head honchos at Village Print & Media, once said, “I think women should be in charge of everything. They’re smarter, stronger, and more calculated.” As a result of this theory, our company is thriving with confident, innovative, creative, and empowered women. Regardless of our titles, each of us strive to be our own kind of girl boss daily, taking the bull by its horns, in all of our endeavors. In order to do so, we often seek out sources of inspiration, advice, knowledge, and motivation, whether it be through news articles, books, podcasts, or even television series. Today, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite outlets that have recently got our engines running, and have learned one, two, or ten really great lessons from.

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